All Amadeus massage sessions will begin with a few minutes taken for an Initial Consultation as well as time provided to undress.  All sessions will conclude with a few minutes for a Post Consultation and time to redress.  As an example, If you have booked for a 60-minute session, that will constitute a 60-minute appointment including your initial and post consultations and approximately 50 minutes of hands-on treatment from your Massage Therapist.

Sales tax for our area is 6.5%

At this time we do not have any restrictive Covid-19 policies in place; however, if any state mandates do go into effect, we will have to abide by those at that time. Frequent and thorough sanitation policies are being performed by all staff members to provide the safest environment possible. Masks are currently optional for all clients and our providers, however, clients may always request for their provider to wear a mask if it makes them more comfortable. We are not requiring our personnel to get the vaccine and we additionally do not require them to disclose their choice in this matter. We therefore cannot at any time guarantee only vaccinated individuals are performing services within our facility.