Amadeus provides complete waxing services for both women and men. We use Satin Smooth® waxes imported from Italy. This wax contains a unique blend of bees waxes that contains a natural antibiotic called propolis. This wax has a built in buffer to protect the skin and eliminate the need for dusting powder or talc which minimizes hair breakage, giving you silky skin with lasting results.

Facial Waxing

Service Price Time
Lip $10+TAX 15 Minutes
Brow $12+TAX 15 Minutes
Chin $10+TAX 15 Minutes
Sides of Face $15+TAX 15 Minutes
Nostril $8+TAX 15 Minutes
Neck $15+TAX 15 Minutes
Ear $10+TAX 15 Minutes

Body Waxing

Service Price Time
Bikini $30+TAX 30 Minutes
Brazillian $60+TAX 30 Minutes(1st time is 45 Minutes)
Boyzilian $60+TAX 45 Minutes
Behind $45+TAX 15 Minutes
Back $45+TAX 30 Minutes
Chest $45+TAX 30 Minutes
Sholders $45+TAX 15 Minutes
Belly $15+TAX 15 Minutes
Underarm $18+TAX 15 Minutes
1/2 Leg (Upper or Lower half) $35+TAX 30 Minutes
Full Leg $60+TAX 60 Minutes
Arms $30+TAX 30 Minutes
1/2 Arms (Upper or Lower half) $10+TAX 15 Minutes
Hands or Feet $12+TAX 15 Minutes

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